Hand Rolled Artisan Chocolate Truffles

Simply Must Taste the Chocolate Indulgence

Truffles: A Bite-Sized History of Chocolate Treasures

The history of chocolate truffles begins with a story, or maybe a myth, that takes us back to 19th-century France. A clumsy apprentice (bless their butterfingers!) in a celebrated Parisian chocolaterie tripped, sending a pot of molten chocolate ganache tumbling into a bowl of cocoa powder. The resulting mess? The very first truffle, a humble concoction destined for greatness.

In 1895, French confectioner Louis Dufour refined the truffle recipe as he shaped the ganache mixture by hand rolling it into small balls, then rolling them in cocoa powder, and voila, the chocolate truffle as we know it was born. From modest beginnings, the truffle rapidly ascended the 19th century Parisian foodie scene, and quickly swept across the globe, captivating chocolatiers, each creating their own signature on this decadent chocolate marvel.

At Adam’s Heirlooms,
we go back to the Historical Basics
keeping our chocolates All Natural...

Our chocolate ganache centers are made with all natural ingredients starting with the best chocolates from the oldest chocolate company in the country.   Then we add fresh cream and European style butter from local artisan dairies here in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Each batch of ganache is infused with spices, herbs, nuts, or fruits creating our historical line of truffles. Then each center is hand rolled and dipped in a luxurious coating of chocolate. The final step is to decorate each truffle giving you a hint to the flavor that lies within.

So, as you indulge in an Adam's Heirlooms Truffle, take a moment to taste not just the chocolate, but the history, the chance encounter, & the serendipitous birth of these chocolate treasures

From our Farm to your Home - Enjoy a Taste of History

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