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Growers of Heirloom Vegetables
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Producers of Historically Inspired Food Products

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Heirloom Vegetables

Everyone knows Heirloom Tomatoes have great colors & taste amazing. But what about all the other vegetables? We grow Heirloom Everything!!  This means Heirloom Greens, Heirloom Beets, Heirloom Squash,  Heirloom Beans,
Heirloom Radishes, & more.

CSA Farm Baskets

Bring the Farm to your Home with the freshest produce possible for your family with 18 weeks of farmer selected Farm Fresh Heirloom Produce items. Plus once a month receive a Historically Inspired Specialty Item. Options for Pick up & Home Delivery.

Buyer's Club

Stretch your food budget with our Buyer's Club.  You have complete flexibility to buy the products your family loves most while getting a 10% bonus for every dollar spent.  Use the Buyer's Club online or at the markets. 

Colonial Shrubs

Shrubs are a delicious natural drink concentrate.  The tart punch they offer is perfectly balanced sweet ingredients, while their history adds a touch of intrigue. 

Hand Dipped Truffles
and Chocolates

When you indulge in an Adam's Heirlooms Truffle, take a moment to taste not just the chocolate, but the history & serendipitous birth of these chocolate treasures.

Pasture Raised
Soy-free Eggs

As our girls are galivanting around the pasture they can eat choose their diet,  like pasture grasses & plants, bugs, vegetables that don't make the cut for market, but their is NO SOY in their feed. 

Pasture Raised Beef 

Ditch bland beef! Savor pasture-raised beef that is  bursting flavor, melt-in-mouth texture, & is beef that is raised humanely.    Pasture-raised beef elevates every dish, to make it restaurant-worthy.

Heritage Berkshire Pork

Heritage Breed Royalty: Berkshire Pork has a deeper flavor, marbled richness, & unparalleled tenderness.  Elevate your next meal as you indulge in the superior quality of our  Corn & Soy Free Berkshire Pork.

Jams & Sauces

Journey through time with each bite! Historically inspired jams, butters, catsups, & sauces whisper tales of culinary heritage, bursting with bold flavors & unique ingredients. Savor the past history never tasted so good!


Where to Find our Products

Market on Military (Indoor Winter Market )

1st, 3rd, & 5th Saturdays November - April    

1535 W Mason Street, Green Bay, WI

Summer Downtown Green Bay Saturday Farmers Market

Every Saturdays     7 am - 12 pm     May 27 - End of October 

Washington Street & Doty Street, Green Bay, WI

You can always order online and
pick up at the market or on the farm,
Better yet let us deliver it to your family.

Join the food history movement & become part of our farm family!