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We are excited to offer Adam’s Heirlooms CSA Farm Baskets:full_share

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We have pick up locations

  • Downtown SLCIMG_0138
  • Midvale
  • Sandy/ Draper
  • South Jordan
  • Home Delivery in most of Salt Lake County

(See the Locations tab for details of the dates and times for each location.)


PaulRobesonWe offer All Natural, Great Tasting Heirloom Produce.  Most of our varieties are over 100 yrs old to bring you “Edible History” with each share you receive.  

At Adam’s Heirlooms, WE ONLY PLANT HEIRLOOMS.   Everyone knows Heirloom Tomatoes have great colors & taste.  But what about all the other vegetables?  We grow Heirloom Everything!!   That means you will get Heirloom Greens, Heirloom Eggplant, Heirloom Basil, etc.   This also means NO Hybrids & No GMOs.  eggplant lista grandia

Many people have asked us “What is an Heirloom?”    Heirloom varieties are at least 50 years old, most of our seeds date to before 1900 & earlier.   It means they are not hybrid or genetically modified.   Another term that goes along with Heirloom is Open Pollinated, meaning you can save the seeds, plant them next year, and get the exact same plant year after year.   Heirloom seeds are not modified or manipulated for long storage or long shelf life, as the hybrids for the grocery store are.   They were carefully and naturally cross pollinated to produce great tasting crops.  They will look a little different, but hopefully you will find that you enjoy the visual varie

ty as well as the great taste!  We feel that Heirloom crops are important for our health & our society because they don’t require ‘man’ to interfere with nature.



Extra Benefits of Joining Adam’s Heirlooms CSA



Recipes on the Website  We want to inspire you to try items you may have never tried or tried in the past and think you don’t like them.  It all comes down to preparation.  We believe in healthy eating, so the recipes on our site reflect that belief.  We also beleive that good food shouldn’t be hard to prepare.  We hope this will help you to experiment and try things you may not have tried in the past.  These recipes will also be posted on our blog page.

BRING A FRIEND   Receive $25 credit for each referral that joins the CSA program with you.   Everything is more fun with a friend, so we encourage you to invite your friends and family members to join Adam’s Heirlooms CSA along with you.  Enjoy the all natural heirloom produce, recipes, & socials together.  Or trade off on the pick responsibilities, you pick up one week for both of you and next your friend does.   The benefit to you is if your friend or family member joins the CSA, then Both of You receive a $25 credit to be used for Add-ons during the season.  Add-ons may include locally produced jams, honey, local fruits, extra veggies, etc.   Just send us an email with your friend’s name or have your friend tell us that you referred them, and we will credit your account. It’s that easy!

No Limits, the More Friends You Bring, the More You Save!

Farm Workshops  A couple times each season we invite our CSA members to come to the main farm and see their food growing for themselves.  It’s also a time to meet other CSA members and be part of a growing community.  We have had “Dinner on the Farm” nights, Farm Fest,  and Scavenger Hunts in the Gardens.  This year we are planning some “On the Farm Cooking” Workshops.  You will be able to come and pick the produce that goes into the dinner you help to prepare.

Community Support  When you sign up with Adam’s Heirlooms you are not only supporting our farm, but also the work we do in the community.  We use urban backyards in the Midvale and Mid-Salt Lake Valley areas.   These properties are often owned by senior citizens or empty nesters, who can no longer or no longer desire to garden in their own yards.   They provide the land and water for our use and in return we improve the property for gardening with prepared beds and low water irrigation.  We also give them first pick of the crops they like to eat.  They enjoy the frequent visits as we come to their property to plant, water, & weed each week.  We have a great group of land owners who we now call friends.

Conserve Water & Preserve Land Resources We also feel strongly that by changing unproductive land that was in weeds or grass we are doing our part to conserve resources and help protect our community.  Transitioning lawn into garden and using drip irrigation, reduces the amount of water needed to sustain that property and that’s good for all of us. Turning weed patches, into gardens reduces the spread of weed that plague us all.  And that’s being a good neighbor.

We look forward to getting to know each of you as we share together in this adventure of a CSA and support one another with good food & good friendships. 

You can call to schedule a farm visit.  Come see how and where we grow your food.



Adam & Dianna Diehl    – Adam’s Heirlooms