04/23/13 – Salt Lake Tribune  “New Utah community Ag program puts members to work”   This is a great article about the “Live & Thrive” program in which they teach members to grow the food for the CSA and the members work in the gardens for the CSA. Members are learning to garden and in turn are able to take home organic produce.   Also listed as a sideline to this article are the many CSA’s available up & down the Wastach Front.   Check out the article and see Adam’s Heirlooms listed at the top of the list.

10/02/12 – Big Budah talks with Adam’s Heirlooms about the Downtown Tuesday Market on Channel 13 Fox’s Good Day Utah.  Big Budah was impressed with the uniqueness of Adam’s produce, especially the round carrots and the chocolate cherry tomatoes.  Even though Big Budah doesn’t like tomatoes.  They bantered about the name of the “Lazy Housewife” Green Beans – the first green beans in the 1880s to be stringless.  Big Budah decided to call them “husband beans”.  Adam and Budah had a great time talking about our produce and promoting the Downtown Tuesday market – the market runs till the end of October.

9/25/12 – Adam Planting Heirloom Garlic is featured in the photos of the “Get Your Garlic On” Article in the 09/25/12  Salt Lake Tribune.

8/21/12 – ANNOUNCING Adam’s Heirlooms Partnership with Breadsong.  You can now sign up for 8 weeks of Natural Yeast Whole Wheat Artisan Bread.  Check out the New Bread Share on the Shares Tab.   This share will be prorated, so sign up at anytime for the remaining weeks of the Bread Share.

7/30/12 — Downtown Tuesday Farmer’s Market — Starting Aug 7th you can find Adam’s Heirlooms at the Downtown Tuesday Farmer’s Market.   This market is from 4-8pm.  It is produce only and there is lots of parking.  Not as crazy as the Saturday Market.   Tell your friends & family to come see us on Tuesday nights.

7/30/12 — NEW ADD ONs   Check out the new Add Ons  – Heirloom Tomatoes & Plums.  Choose small cherry size tomatoes or the big boys 2-4″.  All the colors & flavors you expect from Heirloom Tomatoes.  We will have a total of 19 different varieites.  Also available for a limited time are wonder red fleshed Plums.  Click on the Add On Tab to get all the details.

7/26/12 — Adam’s Heirlooms & Yelp joined forces at the Yelp Bowtie & Bonnets Garden Party.  Adam’s Amazing Heirloom Tomatoes were served with Breadsong’s fabulous artisan bread at the Garden Party held at Wasatch Community Garden’s Grateful Tomato Garden in SLC.  This was a great evening of garden tours, garden talk, and of course eating garden treats.  Thanks to Jeffery at Yelp for inviting us to provide the Heirloom Tomatoes for the Build Your Own Tomato Sandwiches.   Adam featured 9 of the 19 tomato varieties he is growing this year.  Which one took the honor of Best Tomato?  It was the Purple Russian!!!

7/10/12 — Thanks for joining us for Family Night on the Farm.   We had a great time with the kids scanvenger hunt as they searched for different items growing in the gardens such as: casper eggplants, spinach seeds, & rat tail radish pods.  Thanks for joining us for a fun evening of new friends & great garden foods.

6/30/12 — Diehl Family Iron Chef… Arugula!!  Dianna gets a little crazy sometimes and Saturday was one of those days.  She had a self-imposed challenge to see how many different ways she could put Arugula into one meal.  Check out the blog page to see the results.

6/29/12 — Adam’s Heirlooms is featured in a Utah Story Article – “Why Community Supported Agriculture is Great for Utah Farmers”by Connie Lewis.  “Some of the the farmers are very innovative. Adam and Dianna Diehl run Adam’s Heirlooms out of Midvale. They have a backyard garden where they plant tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, potatoes, onions and greens. Since their space is limited, they also use three other backyard gardens near their home. In exchange for using the gardens they offer the homeowners a share and do cleanup and improvements to the space they are using.  With limited space they do what Adam calls, “edible landscaping.” Almost everything in their yard produces food as well as being aesthetically pleasing. They use strictly heirloom plants, all dating from before 1900, and their love of gardening grew out of a love for food history. This is their first year participating as producers, but Dianna said, We are loving it.” You can read the entire article by clicking the link above.

6/27/12 — Mark Your Calendars …. Family Night at the Farm   JULY 9th    6-8pm      We are excited to host our second Open House of the season.  Bring the family to our farm in Midvale to see where your food is growing, meet other members of the farm, and have fun family evening.    There will be games for the young ones, or the young at heart  and lots of farm fresh food to enjoy.     Farm Address is 426 W. Alta View Dr (7780 S), Midvale.  If you need directions call Adam at 801-209-6739.

6/4/12 — The First Week of CSA Deliveries is Finally Here!!!!   Thanks to everyone that joined us for the First Annual Adam’s Heirlooms Open House on last Friday.  It was a wonderful evening with new friends and great food.

5/29/12 — We are getting ready for the first week of CSA deliveries   The gardens are growing great!   We’ll have some great offerings for our first week of CSA’s.  Just in time to cut the garlic scapes – so look for them in your shares.  Don’t konw what to do with garlic scapes?  Check out our blog to find out how to use them.  While you’re looking at the blog be sure to pursue the Radish Greens recipes too.  You heard me right —- Radish Greens.  Don’t throw them out until you read the blog.  See you next week.

4/21/12 — We’ve been busy PLANTING!! The potoates are in the ground, the greens (swiss chard, kale, spinach, bok choy) have pushed through and are starting to grow.  Some tomatoes are in the ground protected by walls of water & some are in the hoop houses.   Eggplants are getting big in the nursery – time to get them in the ground.  The basil – I can’t wait for the basil. We will have 4 different types of Basil – Sweet Basil, Genevese Basil, Purple Basil, & Lime Basil.   So much to do – not enough hours in the day — so we work by lights when needed to get it all done.

3/27/12 — Help Us Spread The Word (And Get a Share Discount)! We are still seeking new members, especially if they are your friends, family or neighbors! We would greatly appreciate your efforts in reaching out to your neighbors and friends to see if they are interested in joining our CSA program! In order to promote that, we are offering a $20 discount on your share for each new member you can recruit. When you recruit a friend, ask them to sign up online, then send us an email to let us know you recruited them. You can choose to receive your discount as money off your annual subscription or in the way of additional items added to your weekly orders. We’ll give you the option.

Since our CSA shares are new this year, we appreciate your willingness to help us spread the word. If you would like some flyers to hand out or emails to send to your neighbors and friends, email me ( and I will send you some to pass along. Your support is vital to our farm and we thank you for that supoort. Knowing that what we do is making a difference in your life, is what keeps us going!

3/4/12 — yesterday the tomatoes moved into bigger living quarters — 2 & 3 inch pots.   They handled the move with grace and bounced right back.  Some of the peppers and all the basil took the plunge into bigger pots too.   Everyone is doing well.  Only about 1000 seedlings to keep happy for 4-6 more weeks till they make the move outside.

2/15/12 — It’s planting time already!!   We have tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, basil, and onions starting in our nursery.

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