About Us

Adam’s Heirlooms Grows 100% Heirloom & Antique Varieties of Fruits & Vegetables

Most of our produce varieties are dated prior to 1900.   This means you are getting a true Taste of History when you buy from Adam’s Heirlooms.

Adam & Dianna have a love of history.  Especially Food History.  That’s why they will only grow Heirloom and Antique varieties.  They have been teaching food history for over 20 years and have been growing heirloom fruits & vegetables for over 8 years.   They started selling thier Heirloom produce at a farmer’s market in 2010 , then expanded to two farmer’s markets in 2011, and are adding  CSA shares this year.

They believe that Heirlooms are a tie to the past, to those who have gone before us.  There is something special about eating the same varieties that were available to your great – great  grandparents, and generations before.   Most of the seeds they plant are dated prior to 1900, and many go back as far as the 18th century.

Adam believes that local organically grown food is always the best choice.  But just growing good-for-you food was not enough for Adam, he wanted to contribute to the community too.   So he decided to start his farm on urban properties in Midvale, Utah.   He finds space in urban backyards, that is not being productive – either in weeds or grass.   Then he improves the land for the best growing conditions possible and turns unproductive land into water-wise productive land providing organically grown heirloom produce.DSC00561 DSC00630 DSC00513.jpg









The benefit to the community is less water being used on grass or less weeds spreading seeds to everyone’s yards. 

The benefit to the land owner, they get organically grown heirloom produce in their backyard to use for their family.   Adam only takes the excess from each property to market or the CSA shares.   Most of their land owners are senior citizens that appreciate having someone work the garden for them so they can enjoy the wonderful fresh produce in their yard.  They have found that the daily visits while we weed & water are enjoyed even more than the produce. 


You can find Adam’s produce at:

  • Downtown Tuesday Market (300 W. & 300 S., SLC)
  • Downtown Winter Market (Rio Grande Train Station every other Saturday from Nov – April)  

Adam’s Heirlooms had 7 developed properties in and around Midvale, and is expanding with a new property for 2015.