About Us

Adam's Heirlooms Grows 100% Heirloom & Antique Varieties of Fruits & Vegetables

Most of our produce varieties are dated prior to 1900.   This means you are getting a true Taste of History when you buy from Adam's Heirlooms.

Adam & Dianna have a love of history.  Especially Food History.  That's why they will only grow Heirloom and Antique varieties.  They have been teaching food history for over 20 years.   They started growing thier Heirloom produce on small urban plots in the Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010.  They built an amazing following at the Salt Lake Farmer's market and a 45 member CSA program.  In 2016 they sold the Utah property to move home to Wisconsin.  After a long search for the perfect farm they bought a 20 acre farm in Mishicot, WI.  

In 2017 they started Founding Fathers Farm as the home for Adam's Heirlooms.   Founding Fathers Farm  is named in remembrance for all those founding fathers & mothers of our country.  But also for those that homesteaded this great state of Wisconsin.  Many of Adam's ancestors homesteaded in Washington and Manitowoc counties in the early 1840s.   Adam & Dianna beleive that by remembering and honoring those that come before us, we can create incredible legacies for generations to come. 


They believe that Heirlooms are a tie to the past, to those who have gone before us.  There is something special about eating the same varieties that were available to your great – great  grandparents, and generations before.   Most of the seeds they plant can be dated back prior to 1900, and many go back as far as the 18th century.  Old seed catalogs along with heirloom seed producers provide valuable histories about the different seeds. 


Our Founding Fathers Family


Adam enjoys researching Agricultural history to learn from the past and apply that knowledge to the future.   

Dianna loves Food History and often recreates 18th & 19th century recipes with thier heirloom produce from her vast collection of original cookbooks. 

 And no farm is complete without a farm dog.  Border Collie Holly keeps everyone smiling on the farm.